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Tyres – one of the key safety features of your car

It’s important to regularly check your tyres to ensure that they are safe and roadworthy. At Lynch Lane Car Care we recommend checking your tyre pressure roughly every month. If your tyres are overinflated, they will be more prone to wear and damage and you may have less control of your vehicle due to reduced traction. If your tyres are underinflated on the other hand, you may notice increased stopping distances and uneven tyre wear. We also recommend checking your tyre tread every few months to ensure that it is over the legal limit of 1.6mm.

Lynch Lane Car Care is one of Weymouth’s leading tyre stockists

Lynch Lane Car Care keeps a wide range of tyres from carefully selected brands at our site in Weymouth. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to chat and advise you on what kind of tyres would best suit you, your car, and the kinds of roads you use most. If you’re always on motorways, for example, you’ll benefit more from one kind of tyre than you would from those engineered for gravelly, country roads.

Winter tyres in Weymouth

You can use the same all-weather tyres throughout the year, but when the roads start getting slippery it’s reassuring to know that your tyres have the right grip to keep you and your passengers safe. Winter tyres are designed to disperse the water on the road safely to the sides, keeping your tyres firmly on the road.

How often should I get new tyres?

It’s important to keep an eye on the tread depth – 1.6mm deep is the legal minimum, but at anything less than 3mm, you’ll notice longer stopping distances. Most drivers find they get through a set of tyres after around 2-4 years (averaging 5,000-10,000) miles per year, but if your mileage is significantly higher than that, or if your roads are likely to wear your tyres down, it’s worth keeping a closer eye on them.

Also keep in mind that when you buy a used car, you are in effect buying part-used tyres, so be sure to check them. Or, you can ask the team at Lynch Lane Car Care to inspect them for you.

What can affect my tyres?

If you’re lucky, your tyres will wear evenly and at the same rate as each other. But if your wheels become misaligned or unbalanced, they can wear unevenly. And of course, the quality of the road surface and unfortunate punctures are no help at all.

If you’re concerned about the condition of your tyres, bring your car to our workshop in Weymouth for a tyre inspection. If one or more tyres need replacing, our technicians can talk through the options available to find the best tyres for your vehicle and your budget.

A well-reputed, popular independent garage, Lynch Lane Car Care provides a wide range of garage services from our workshop in Weymouth. Your vehicle is in safe hands when you bring it to Lynch Lane Car Care.

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